From Option to Production


“Madeline has an excellent grasp of both the finer points and larger scope vision of production, is incredibly hard working and a joy to work with! A class act with an excellent, spotless reputation. I recommend her to partner with any production with great enthusiasm!” 

— Sternman Productions

  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Development and optioning of material
  • Coordination of production meetings and rehearsals
  • Assistance with budgetary, advertising and casting decisions
  • Script/copy supervision including sample formats, story ideas and scenarios adaptable to different venues and media
  • Establishment of treatment parameters including: working title, target audience, length and venue
  • Editing of working drafts

Producer, Spin Off

By Bernard Pomerance, Tony Award winning playwright of “The Elephant Man”
Directed by veteran actor Ron Canada, The Riverside Theatre

SPIN OFF - Produced by Madeline Austin

“…is a smart play, with smart actors and director, telling us the messy story of us.”

— Holli Harms, Front Row Center

“Bernard Pomerance’s Spin Off is audacious… It takes some big gorgeous risks that have a tremendous payoff…”

— Nick Salamone, playwright

“The director, Ron Canada, moves this layered onion at a pace meant to keep us on our toes. But tippy-toes as not to disturb the imprisoned television souls all played so perfectly by this wonderful ensemble.”

— Holli Harms, Front Row Center

Producer, Maybe Baby, It’s You

Off Broadway, Directed by Jeremy Dobrish, Soho Playhouse
Playbill Maybe Baby It's You

“Don’t miss it…the good ones don’t come around that often”

— Time Out New York

“No ‘MAYBE BABY, IT’S A WINNER. Maybe Baby is smart, funny and adorable”

“These deceptively simple pieces possess a wisdom and good sense that explode gently in the mind afterward.”

— New York Post

Maybe Baby, It’s You has an infectious charm.”

— New York Times

“…go see “Maybe Baby”. I ache to go again, bringing everyone I know”

— Theatre Reviews Ltd.

“More than a series of skits-it’s what you instinctively know at thirty but wish you’d learn at twenty.”

–- The New Yorker

“Sometimes cynical, sometimes sentimental, sometimes both at once, the routines are never routine.”

— Village Voice

Maybe Baby, It’s You expertly tweaks the tortuous tangos that men and women go through to be together.”

— Associated Press

Producer, The Invested

Directed by Ron Canada, 4th Street Theatre
The Invested

“…a phenomenal supporting cast and neat direction by Ron Canada, and THE INVESTED becomes a surprise theatrical gem. Rothstein’s ability to spin financial jargon into compelling dramatic material is impressive.”

— Backstage

“A knowing, deliciously mean, and smartly plotted play on the up-to-the-minute subject of high-finance corruption and betrayal.”

— Theatermania

“Don’t walk, run, run, run to the 4th Street Theatre to see a new play, THE INVESTED, about the Wall Street debacle… masterfully directed by Ron Canada.”

— NY Press Club

A timely drama for Wall Street and its customers, Sharon Rothstein’s THE INVESTED aims to explore the roots of the 2008-2009 financial crisis from the inside out. The tale of corporate intrigue and amorality is set at a fictional behemoth ripe with conflicts of interest.”

— Bloomberg News

“Using the shadow of recent Wall street debacles, Sharon Rothstein has painted an intimate scene of the conduct that leads to downfall. Brisk pacing, great acting, and razor-sharp direction by Emmy award winner Ron Canada.”

— Electronic Ink Journal

Consultant, Turning Night in the Dying House

Directed by Ethan McSweeny, Zenith Films
Turning Night in the Dying House

Producer, Stealing Sweets and Punching People

Directed by Michael Sexton, Summer Play Festival, Beckett Theatre, NY
Stealing Sweets and Punching People

Producer, Maybe Baby, It’s You

Directed by Jeremy Dobrish, Currican Theatre, NY

Consultant, Asockalypse


Editing Assistant, Flashdance, The Musical

Playwright Tom Hedley
Flashdance The Musical

Production Assistant, The Last Night of Ballyhoo
Production Assistant, Buried Child

Producer Jane Harmon

The Shubert Organization
Executive Assistant, Gerald Schoenfeld
Script Evaluator, Creative Department
Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Producer/Director, “Power Over Osteoarthritis Pain” a corporate industrial for for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals & American College of Rheumatology, NY City Hospital

Consultant, East of Doheny, Ltd.
My Man Godfrey and Radio Girl
Script Evaluator
NY Annual Summer Play Festival